I want to get my self-published book out to a larger audience. How do Facebook pages and Google Plus compare as platforms for self-promotion?


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I spoke to authors Miranda Innaimo and Noah Green about how they're using social media to ramp up interest around their literary endeavours.

Miranda, who is currently preparing a work of spiritual fiction entitled Mangono for the NaNoWriMo 2013 competition, has managed to tap into the personal connections that Facebook Pages provide.

Noah on the other hand has been won over by the community and features that Google Plus provides.

Find out how they're using social media to connect with readers and grow their audience here:

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Google+ is awesome. I love the communities. However, the people on there are primarily authors, writers and not people who are typically going to buy your book. Unless of course, you forge a solid friendship and force them (which I have).

Facebook is truly for fans and updates. I use both but think facebook is a better way to get readers looking at you and your work.

Twitter-eh, I'm not a big fan. So far my best social network where I get sales is from goodreads. Giveaways are really popular and do really well!

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Great advice Taylor!
Miranda Innaimo
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I've been too intimidated to really search out the potential of goodreads. Do you really find it helpful?
Taylor Lavati
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I really do. There's a lot of reader, writer interaction and I think that helps build a solid reader base. Also you can use it to post your blog posts and there's even a fans section to an author's page. This is my page if you want to take a peek at the features. I published in August, fyi.

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