What social media platform do you find yourself using the most - Google plus, Facebook or Twitter?


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Lily Bradic answered

I definitely find myself using Facebook or Twitter more than any other social media platforms - perhaps even more than all other websites combined!

Why I Use Facebook

  • Nearly all of my friends use it, so it's a great way to keep in contact with people
  • Habit (also great when you're procrastinating)
  • I'd feel disconnected or excluded from events if I didn't use it (although the few people I know who don't use it still have active social lives!)
  • A lot of people use it as the main way of contacting me
  • I have the app on my phone, so I use it on-the-go

Why I Use Twitter

  • Good way of finding out what's going on in the world, or discovering interesting news stories
  • Useful for making connections with people who share your interests
  • I interact with people on Twitter a lot more than I do on Facebook - if I don't like someone on Twitter, I won't follow them, whereas on Facebook, I'm friends with people I haven't seen or spoken to in a decade.
  • I have the app on my phone
  • It's great for keeping up-to-date with local travel information (especially if it's snowing and the buses aren't running) and local deals 

I think I probably spend more time on Facebook, but I 'use' Twitter more, and I prefer it as a platform.

As for Google Plus, I don't know anybody who uses that on a regular basis, and most people I know don't even have an account set up!

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Dan Banks
Dan Banks commented
I've just started using Google plus regularly, and it's great for finding small communities who share interests with me. They seem to be far superior to Facebook's groups and there is far less spam on them!
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Yo Kass , Facebook, Twitter and G+ user, answered

If you had asked me this question a year ago, I'd have said Facebook, because I didn't ever use my Twitter or G+ Account.

Nowadays though, I think I've got a fine balance between the three.

How I use Facebook

Facebook is still the place to go to connect with friends and family - especially people who I don't see that often. I keep in touch with all my former classmates and social acquaintances via the platform.

Using Twitter to stalk celebs and keep "in the conversation"

I've only started using Twitter fairly recently, and the kind of people I follow or connect with are completely different to those in my other social networks.

One benefit of Twitter is that you can easily get a window into the daily lives of people you wouldn't ordinarily know much about.

For example, I follow a few celebs and am constantly seeing tweets in my feed about what they're having for lunch, pictures of their pugs and other photos of their daily life. It's hard to think of another social network that has so successfully enabled fans to connect with their idols in such an intimate and "real" way.

Twitter is also great for keeping tabs on information and discussions going on in various professional fields. Being new to the industry I currently work in, I think Twitter is great for connecting and learning from people who have more experience than me - I follow a few people who are constantly tweeting articles and blog posts that have helped me hone in on what is relevant and useful, in a way that many tutorials or textbooks wouldn't.

In the field of social media, people often refer to Twitter as a way for brands and companies to keep themselves "in the conversation". I guess what this means is that big companies use Twitter to tap into what the average Joe is saying on the streets - and this helps them know how to remain relevant and engaging.

I think this last point highlights just how powerful Twitter actually is. There are so many media outlets that filter and angle peoples' voices towards their own agenda, but Twitter provides a platform for unadulterated and raw expression - essentially a place for the truth to actually come out.

For example, I've got relatives who are living in Syria at the moment, and I rely on Twitter for information about what's actually going on in the country, because media access is restricted due to the violent conflict going on there.

In fact, Twitter has become a voice of the people in various states where the incumbent regime has managed to stifle those voices for decades.

My discovery of G+

Before I actually started using G+ properly, I'd read a lot about it. What I read sounded great, but my initial experience of the platform led to disappointment.

I felt as if there was no-one I knew on there, that there was "too much" going on, and that not much of it was relevant to what I wanted to know about.

Since then, I've realised that there are plenty of things that Google Plus is pretty good at.

Firstly, I use it to join "hangouts" which are like live video-chats with other people from around the world.

This has allowed me to join in fascinating real-time group conversations with people in San Francisco, from my living room in Norwich, UK!

The second cool thing about G+ was actually what deterred me from it in the first place. I didn't know many people using it.

I've come to realise that that's exactly what makes it a good platform to start using now. Facebook is over-saturated in my opinion:

"Too many people I'm obliged to be friends with, posting too much stuff I'm not really interested in." This is a common complaint I hear amongst users of Facebook.

I suspect that, despite all the modification and customisation that Facebook introduces, the very nature of social media will mean that users will continuously migrate from one network to another once one network has become stale and saturated.

The benefit of G+ is that people who have made the effort to maintain their profiles and continue using the platform despite not having 600+ personal friends on there, usually have a genuine motive or desire to connect with other people.

I find that users on G+ are a lot more open to connecting and sharing information with fellow users - whilst the reaction that most Facebook users have towards a stranger reaching out  and "friend requesting" them is suspicion.

I think this is partly because people are wary of being spammed on Facebook (something that doesn't seem to be as much of an issue on G+).

But I also think it's because people have made Facebook their "personal" network - where they share intimate details about their lives that they only want close friends to know about.

G+ users don't seem to have the same "attachment and privacy anxiety" - which makes the "social" part of the social network seem more viable.

I think this is also an interesting situation for social media to be in because, if there's any company that collects and holds a significant amount of personal information about users, it's Google!

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Adila Adila answered

Definitely Twitter! First of all, I don't even have a Facebook account! I used to but people started friend requesting me, like people from school that I never speak to! Plus it was annoying , all these games and Farmville rubbish... Too much clutter for a website!

I use Twitter because I can interact with people who share the same love and interests as me. I have all my Westlife buddies on there so I just chat with them really! Twitter is fun, plus there's not many characters so it increases your ability to get to the point! Haha!

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Dan Banks
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It's good for finding small communities with similar passions and interests. There are probably some great Westlife ones on there! Haha, yeah sorry about that - got a bit carried away there!
Adila Adila
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Westlife?! Thats it , I've got to get on there! 8) But I bet you haven't found any amazing friends in there like me....haa! just kidding! 8)
Adila Adila
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Sorry I keep making typo errors today 8( I am currently writing an essay so you can cut me some slack 8)
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Kathryn Wright , Online business Manager, answered

I wasn't on any version of social network until 2 years ago. I felt there was no point and that if I wanted to talk to my friends, I would pick up my phone and text or call them. I felt there was a certain degree of narcissism in being on social networks and, in truth, didn't understand how or why one would use them.

Now of course I am on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus, and currently use them in that the order. For some time, I had my Twitter posting to my Facebook automatically, but a lot of my friends made jokes that it was filling up their feed too much, especially if they follow me on Twitter as well, so now I use the two separately.

My main reason for using Facebook the most is because you have so much control over the settings. For example, I can choose to share posts just with people from my current work-place, to invite only certain people to an event etc. I also find that a lot of people prefer to use the Facebook messaging system over texting, so I tend to communicate with people privately on this too.

Twitter is great for being able to reach out to people with the same interests as I have. For example, I really like Formula One racing and the band The Killers. Often if you hashtag these key interests you will get interaction and be 'followed' by people who like the same things as you.

I have personally found Google Plus very hard to get to grips with. I have tried having Google hangouts quite a few times, and cannot carry one out successfully and with clarity. 

I like to learn from reading, and I do find that I use Twitter to bookmark interesting tweets or open the link in a browser to read later. The things that I put on Facebook are too private and probably not considered very professional. Even with Twitter I have a personal and a business account.

Maketta Abdullah Profile

I use facebook to keep in contact with family and friends and I use twitter, and google+  to communicate with bloggers and internet marketer's. Google+ has some really nice communities and I have met some amazing bloggers. I find that Google+ has more people on there that cater to my interests.

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Yo Kass
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Why do you think everyone complains about Google+ then? Do you think it's just a case of not giving it a chance?
Sean Clark
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Yeah, once you get in the communities, start taking part and engaging Google+ comes into its own.
Maketta Abdullah
Maketta Abdullah commented
Kass, not many people know how to utilize Google+ yet. Even I am still learning. I have read some very good blog posts from some amazing bloggers. In fact, I 'm about to listen to this webinar that this one blogger did. She gives some tips that she uses on Google+. It's all about what you like too. With Google+ you have the best of both world which is search engines and social. Facebook does not come up in the search engines.

Many people on Facebook in my opinion are on their mainly to socialize. Which usually is what they are doing or plan to do. They usually aren't interested in any kind online marketing or anything. I have seen so many facebook fanpages that are not active. People post but it's not a lot of interaction going.
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Steve Fort answered

As per my view and Kass Yassin said, balance between all the three.

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Sean Clark answered

Twitter, because it is so accessible whether I am on the go or in the office.

Although I would love to use Google+ more. There is just something about the Google+ platform and its intricacies. Untapped and relatively uncrowded...

Twitter definitely requires good "crowd management", Twitter Lists & Hootsuite, to use it effectively.

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Yo Kass
Yo Kass commented
I really like G+, but it's still the network I use least out of the "big three" ... not sure why.

I wonder whether, because it does have all these cool features, it then makes it difficult to translate that experience over to mobile, which seems to be an ever more important requirement for a successful social network.

I have the app downloaded, but rarely use it, what about you?
Drucilla Watson Profile
Drucilla Watson , Social Media Analyst, answered

Actually I do not find myself using nay of these three, but just Instagram. Instagram is definitely one of the most popular social media networks these days, and I find myself enjoying thoroughly as I browse through it. I find it quite interesting and have tried many tools for it as well. One such tool is the free instagram likes. This always delivers me with organic like,s at high speed, and has helped me to become quite popular amongst my Instagram friends as well.

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Chips Ters answered

Hello everyone, to be honest, I have long been tired of Facebook and Twitter that are cluttered with ads and politics. We forget what communication and a real social network are, so I found a new social network site for myself where I can exchange experiences and meet new people.

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Katty Gomes answered

For me Facebook is my first choice. Although I also use Twitter but it doesn't seems to be so user friendly to me. On other hand Facebook brings lots of things to do. You can create your own social network, you can interact with your buddies, you can also find some new friends. After it all, if you are getting bored from all these, you can also play games and can challenge your friends.

I think today Facebook have become a kind of addiction for people including me also. Overall my first priority is Facebook and after that Twitter.

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