Do you agree that Facebook is the best social media platform to use for interpersonal communication? Why or why not?


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Dear Anonymous,

I canceled my FB account...

Hackers were getting in somehow and I didn't really understand what was happening or what to do about it, also one friend got hurt feelings because I did not return a 'poke' or some other etiquette I did not understand...never intended to hurt their I went back to other formats.

FB too high maintenance, low return.

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No way am I putting my life out there for all to see. I despise Facebook -it causes so many problems . Even with me not being on it, I still have to deal with my family being on it.

I told them not to ever mention my name on there too-my own kids are not allowed to include me in any posts, not even with photos with me being with their family.

If I wanted my life splattered all over the internet I'd do it myself.

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A few years ago an Australian media journalist described Facebook as "technological Onanism". It was such an apt description that it stuck in my memory.

I had a Facebook account for a short time as a way if keeping in touch with the grandkids (who are mostly in their 20s) and some others but the amount of inanity that found its way to my "wall" fair drove me bonkers. I closed the account and won't be going back.

And, of course, that's only talking about the irritating side of Facebook. The dangerous side comes from posting your personal information in a place it can be accessed by hackers and other criminals.

No, I wouldn't agree that it's the best platform but it may well be in the running for the worst. Talking face to face, or on the trusty old telephone, are far more useful, reliable, and intimate.

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Virginia Lou
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I actually write a handwritten card now and then, or print off a personal letter and send it snail mail. Those seem highly valued in this age they are so rare!
Didge Doo
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Indeed! I'm too lazy. I just use email.

Of course, in my age group there are still quite a few people who can't see the usefulness of the Internet but there's always the telephone.
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I think Facebook has it's good points, but generally, I feel it's too invasive.  I closed my account years ago.  Many people use it to snoop and snipe at people .. Not my thing. 

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Yes i am agree. However, Facebook is not "The best" due the purpose but one of the greatest If you know how to use it and how to get there.

As i always state my opinion about these matters, the subject is there, it all depends on people and how they use it. It can be negative and it can be positive. The existence of objective shouldn't be questioned. The individual's ability to use it must be questioned.

I have had a Facebook account for years and never exposed to any negative impacts by it. I've faced the situations but i always knew how to control my life over Facebook and get control over my account and where to involve for my best. Facebook is a very useful tool, vast and varied. Open and optional. A complete change in social media world and the greatest way to stay update and connected in today's world. I've been involved in a thousand of useful interpersonal communication via Facebook. From music to medical fields, science and religions ect . . . And met many amazing people all around the world! And found best friends that sometimes helped me more than people who suppose to "consider" physical ones and more real ones ? I have friends in internet and facebook that are more than real to me.

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Virginia Lou
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That is remarkable, Matt Radiance, glad for a more positive point of view...
Matt Radiance
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@Didge: i can understand !
@Virginia: Thank you

Unfortunately, there's a lot of negative usage from Facebook specially among the teenagers, troubles and cons. wrong relationships, fading away body language and face to face contacts, weakening skills of expressions and real-face mimics. blocking hobbies that requires a healthy activity such as picnics, fishing, sports and outdoors. in the same side, lies and cons, hacking and black mailings and also some spoiling behaviors over the subject and many more! i do understand these effects as well. but we can use it positive if we make sure where we should attend and how to be. a good balance is required. the other fact is you don't have to really put your every information there. in public's view. first of all facebook has an option which you can use to make your account private. only people in your friend list can observe your information and profile's details. also, you can fill other alternatives!! (My favorite music band is Linkin Park) in my facebook account i work at Linkin Park and studied at Linkin Park high school! lol! (i used linkin park's official FB page and another fan page) to put as my part of my information.
Virginia Lou
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Received and appreciated, Matt
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I like it.  I've only had it for a couple of months, but it's just about the only way I can connect with my cousins on the other side of the world.  I've never posted anything, and I've only friended close friends and family.  I haven't had any problems so far, so I think that it's pretty good if you use it properly and carefully.

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