For what all purposes can I make use of social media platforms?


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Lauren Wine , Social Media Analyst, answered

Making use of social media platforms, is very cool and nowadays it has become a common practise too. I use my social media, for personal posts like photos, videos of mine, I sometimes use it to post socially relevant content, when something related to the society happens, and professionally I use  to do my business and brand promotions too. So in total social media platforms like the Instagram, has always helped me to grow in all ways.  On my journey here, I also tried using certain tools like the automatic instagram likes. This has helped me to gain organic likes for each of my posts.

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mohamed Teama answered

You can use it for branding content,  communicating with strangers or even make your idea reach more interested people

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chu pa , vex 3, answered

thanks for sharing, i like your blog

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Daniel Ross Profile
Daniel Ross answered

social media platforms are very famous. And everyone is using it. Some people are using to keep in touch with their old friends or you can also use it to become famous. You only need likes, comment, and followers. Here you can upload your photo and videos to become famous.

Some people are using it for marketing purpose. They use these platform to promote their brand and services.

Taila Nevado Profile
Taila Nevado answered

Hello there, you can use it to communicate with your
friends or your family members who stay far away from your residence. There are
so many people who use social media platforms to promote their goods. You can
also purchase a lot of products such as clothes, jewellery and electronic appliances.

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