I need a live chat program for my organization's Facebook page to connect with my real time visitors of my Facebook page. Any suggestions?


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By using eAssistance Pro you can allow your Facebook visitors to connect for instant chat.

Follow here

> Login to your Facebook account

> Search for Static HTML Iframe tab by Woobox

> You will be taken to the respective page and click on 'Install Page Tab'

> You will be redirected to your FB Add Page Tab section. Select the page(s) where you want to add chat and click 'Add Page Tab'.

> If prompted, Authorize the Tab Application and then allow the app to use details.

> You will be redirected to Tab Settings section, from there choose Page Source.

> Select from either URL or HTML radio buttons.

> Now copy and paste the auto-generated URL or HTML code given below. Choose the one you selected and paste as per your convenience.

> Make other changes if needed and click on 'Save Settings'.

After that, you go on page and a Chat option will appear there. Visitor/fans may reach on you by click on it and get started for a chat session.

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Sounds interesting! Do you have any screenshots to accompany your answer, that'd be super helpful!
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I believe Facebook allows chat to to be integrated into any app, website or page - you will need to use the API.

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