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In recent years, a lot of companies have started creating new websites in the style for young girls and teenagers.

Some of the best known and most popular websites of this genre include: This site allows you to experiment with fashion and dress up your models. On this website, users make their own 'avatars' and interact with other 'avatars' in a cool reality world. This site is popular with guys too though! This gives girls a great forum to dress up their models and interact with other users. Users can make friends while exploring fun ways to experiment with new fashion trends online.

Although the websites will vary slightly from each other in the way the models look, the graphics and activities, they still offer the same safe and creative opportunities. Those logging on to the websites can design their own model choosing everything from her hair color to her fashion sense. Every time they log on, they can interact with other players' models. This is a great way to have fun with friends and family while being creative at the same time.

Parents will also be reassured as most of the sites have a team of moderators who keep an eye on all the activity and content that is being posted.

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