Are There Any More Websites Like Club Penguin?


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There are many websites online that are like Club Penguin, it just depends on your sex and your interests. If you are female, there are lots of dress up games and girly chat websites that you can visit with your friends and make new friends. If you are male, there are websites and games forums that you can join and talk to people with the same interests as you.

• Websites for girls

The main website for girls to make friends and have fun is Stardoll is a website that lets you dress up different models with a huge wardrobe of clothes to choose from. You can find your favorite celebrity and dress them how you would like them to look. All you have to do is sign up and you can talk to girls all over the world and share your outfit creations with them.

• Websites for boys

There are lots of websites for boys to enjoy online, depending on what your interests are. You can search on Google for your interest, such as "football" or "xbox" and there are always loads of links to choose from. If you want to talk to other people who like the same interests as you then you can add the word "forum", meaning that the links that come back with your search. Forums allow you to talk to anyone in the world that is online on that website, about your favorite topics.

• Websites for both

The main social site for young people today is, and has been for a while, Habbo Hotel. Habbo Hotel is a virtual chat room when you have your own little interactive person that you send around the different rooms and interact with other Habbo people with. You can talk to anyone there, from all over the world and you can even design your own room where you can hold parties or create a hobby room where you can discuss the things you enjoy.
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Hmm theres loads I know
club penguin
moshi monsters
imvu(13 over need 2 download but free!)
minyan land
doctor who adventure game(free download 4 mac and pc go 2 bbc)
bin weevils
dizzy wood
habbo(11 over I think)
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Zwinky(13 or older download)
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Yes there`s a game for teenagers called habbo
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Yes, here are listed some:

#1: Fantage

#2: Moshi Monsters

#3: Panfu

#4: Stardoll

#5: Monkey Quest

Did I answer your question?

If yes, please Blurt this!

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There are loads SIMILAR to CP, but as Club Penguin is owned by Disney, I wouldn't say that there are any as good as.
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Yes try the and Pixie Hollow. I'm sure those games will be fun for you!
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and lots more!
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There are loads but some involve downloading, being of a certain age or not walking around

hope I helped and check out
they have suggestions too
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The only ones I know unmentioned are

pandanda wich is a lot like club penguin or panfu your a panda and can buy clothes and things but there is a membership

fantage amazing a lot better than club penguin and you can become a member by using nexon cash and even if your not a member you can buy a lot of things still within reason you can also decorate a lot in your house

super secret very good and a lot better than club penguin but almost exacly the same as fantage you can decorate your house you can buy pets make friends and also prank or send them a gift,and you grow up starting from 10 you earn age points and spenders without a member ship you can only grow up to elleven but you sometimes get weeks or months were  they give everyone free membership try outs

hope I helped as I am in the same problem as you searching for good games like club penguin unsuccesfully these are the only decent ones I know of not already on the list sorry if they are but I'm very tired and can't concentrate
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Let me see there are    webkinz (need toy)  my e pets (need toy)  littlest pet shop vip (need toy)  planet cazmo (any age)  webkinz jr. (for 3 & under and need toy)  I m v you (13 or older need to download)  toontown (need to download)      thats all I know hope it helped 
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Yes there is go to  Google then type in Neopets Chat
you can't see the player but you can say any thing you want...

If You See me (Sammy) Just say hi

membership is free Just go to Register and fill out the form

Bye bye
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Yes theres fantage its so awesome you should try it its a lot like club penguin but free unless you want to be a member but still. . .
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Toontown is very similar but you don't get the stuff automatically like clubpenguin, you have to earn it. And also has to download!
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Webkinz Neo pets Poptropica Sifaka World

My Favorite is webkinz but you have to have the plush toy and code to play webkinz
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Yes there are SO many:

1. MyDinos

2. Runescape

3. Webosaurs

4. Chobots

5. Webkinz (Not so great...)

6. Jokebots (Not out yet, might be coming soon!)
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Umm well I know a lot of websites but maybe you could use and go to nicktropolis?
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Well what are the websites please tell me
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Let's see.


If your are girl try

Still thinking
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You can try just like clubpenguin but the clothes and stuff are free not like clubpenguin and this website is for 13 and up in ages
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~ Kelly ~ answered is a great one to play and is like but you are not a penguin
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Anonymous answered is cool but, you can't talk after 8:00. You just pandas. And you have to play to be a member (Gold Panda).

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