What Is Ina Garten's Official Website?


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The official web site of Ina Garten is The reason why the name of the web site is Barefoot Contessa is because this has been the standard name with the author as she has named most of her cookery books with this name and she has also named her television by this name. The name of her food store is also by this name. On the web site, you can browse through all of her works such as books, recipes, television shows etc. You can also go through her biography and learn more about the author. You can also interact with the author by checking out the 'Contact Us' section on the web site.

You also have the chance to order some of her food directly from the web site itself. The web site is very informative and you can learn difficult recipes with ease.
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Ina, I really enjoy your Barefoot Contessa cooking show. Everything looks delicious. Thanks
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