What Is Emma Stone's Official Twitter?


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At the time of writing, rising young Hollywood star Emma Stone (as seen in such hit films as 'Easy A' and 'Superbad') has no official Twitter account. The only account we could find that was verified by Twitter as being official and matching the name 'Emma Stone' was an account under the name of @Stonenobrien. The picture displayed upon clicking on the account resembled nothing of the fresh faces Stone we know from the movies, and the page was void of any substantial tweets, so we assumed the worst and moved on.

The closest thing we could find to an 'official' Emma Stone Twitter account was @EmmaStoneWeb, which claims to be 'The Official's Twitter, providing all Emma Stone news & updates serving all Emma fans online.'

No doubt Emma herself will establish a Twitter account soon, as it is a fast-growing social networking experience, and many celebrities have taken up accounts to inform fans of any important news before anybody else, or just to give people a bit of an insight into their personal lives.

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