What Is The Official Blue Website?


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It seems that they do not any longer have an official website given that their popularity peak is long gone and most of the members have now gone solo. You can instead use official websites for Lee Ryan and Simon Webbe for information about individual band members. Wikipedia and many other fan websites can provide you with a great deal of information about the band, too. If you're just looking to find out information about the band then you can use online articles about the band to gain the knowledge you need.

If you're looking for tour dates, however, then you can sue other websites to find out if they are going to be doing any tours in the near future. Websites like Ticket Master will provide you with the ability to see whether there are any tours coming up, to see if any tickets are available, and to buy the tickets if they are available and not sold out. You can also buy tickets off websites like eBay if they have sold out on the official websites.

The Blue band released their very first single all the way back in 2001, 'All Rise', which reached number 4 in the UK singles chart. Their second single was then released in August. This was 'Too Close' and it was chart topping. Then their second number one appeared as 'If You Come Back' later that year in November, which was again from the album All Rise which was released just in time for Christmas, meaning that it ultimately reached number one. The album sold more than 1.8 million in the United Kingdom. They remain as a popular band but are of course more popular as individual singers.  They have reformed together as a band on numerous occasions for charitable purposes, though.
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Blue was a boy band that originated from London in England in the United Kingdom. They mainly come under the genre of Pop and R&B. The members of blue were: - Simon Webbe, Duncan James, Anthony Costa and Lee Ryan. Together the band has sold around 11 million records. However the band does not exist anymore, all of the members of the band are out to pursue their solo careers. The boy band Blue was only active from the year 2001 till 2005. Their debut album was tilled as 'All Rise'.

The official website for the boy band is: /a>. At this site you can find all the info related to the entire band.

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