How Does An Internet Site Make Money?


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There are various ways. A lot of sites are in fact online businesses, and make money as a shop might - eg, you order goods or services from the site, and pay for them as you would in a shop (though the method of payment can be different.)

Others charge users for using the site's services or accessing its information - Friends Reunited is an example of this. There, you can browse the site and leave your details for free, but you are charged a small sum for being connected with anyone else whose details you may have found.

An increasingly common way for sites to make money is through advertising. The site itself may be free to users, but if it is very popular, some large companies may be willing to pay to put advertising, pop-ups etc on the site. In this way everyone wins, as the users still get to visit the site for free and the site owners make money.
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I think that the the best way to earn by your site is to apply for affilliates then apply the link codes to your site for you to earn some money.
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Its totally fraud on internet  . Actually it is a job of many web designers that they design such I website that we need to pay some dollars to earn money by our credit card  but when we have spent our money in membership , we find just nothing .
I have spent a lot of money in such websites so that I may earn money from home but all in vain , So therefore I advise you all to be careful and don,t spend any penny in internet . It is just a wastage of time and money , you can never earn money from it even when you have spent in membership too .
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