What Is Vbulletin And How Much Does It Cost?


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Internet Forums or Message Boards are web applications for holding discussions and posting user generated content.vB or vBulletin is a programme that is used to create Internet Forums or Message Boards. vBulletin was written in PHP using a MySQL database server. Its latest version is 3.6.7 PL1 that was released on 15th May, 2007 by Jelsoft Enterprises.vBulletin is a powerful, scalable and fully customizable forums package for your web site. it is the is the ideal community solution for all medium-to-large sites.


They offer two types of license: leased and owned.

vBulletin (Owned License) : 160$ each
vBulletin (Leased License) : 85$ each

The owned vBulletin Forum license allows you to run the software on your site indefinitely. Along with this license, you will receive one year of free updates. Beyond the first year, you will have to pay a nominal fee, currently $30, to obtain updates for an additional year. While The leased vBulletin Forum license allows you to use the software on your site for 1 year and gives you access to products updates for that year. After 1 year, you must renew your license or remove the software from your site.

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