How Do I Keep Track Of How Many People Visit My Website?


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Louise Gorman answered
If you are with a web builder, such as Moonfruit, then you will be able to insert a hit counter, which will count how many hits your website has received.

If you are creating your website from scratch, then there are a number of sites where you can download a hit counter to add to your site.

If you are with a web host, then they sometimes offer a hit counter with one of their packages. Some web hosts may charge for hosting and offer the hit counter within the package, whereas other web hosts may not charge for the actual hosting, but instead will charge you for adding widgets to your site, which includes hit counters.

There is also a system known as Google Analytics, which provides statistical information on your website, such as page views, whereabouts visitors are browsing your site from, and visitor counts.
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I think the best way is to use Google Analytics. It will give you a complete breakdown on the details of users visiting your site. Say as for example, how certain contents are performing compared to others, top keywords that lead to your site, traffic sources etc. It is also very simple to set up. You just need to sign up on, get the code, and insert the code on your site.
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Statcounter is also very helpful in helping you keep track of your web visitors. Lijit is very good too. They give you a search box that you can put on your website or blog. It is extremely helpful in keeping track of your visitors.

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There are two thing for that you can know how many times the people visit your web site.

1.) Page Searched

2.) Visitors Counters

These two things will help you to know how many people visit your web site. You can use Google Analytics to keep track of these statistics.

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The best platform available would be Google's Analytics tools which provide you with amazing insights on where, when and how a visitor came to your website.

Even WordPress offer amazing insights and can be linked easily to your Analytics account. In fact, Google Analytics can be integrated with almost any Content-Management-System available. Learn more about the Best Content Management Systems

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