How Do I Track My Safe Link Phone?


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If you mean that you wish to track the progress of your Safelink phone and find out when you are likely to receive it, this is fairly easy to do.

To track your safe link phone simply do the following;

Go on a computer or laptop that has Internet connection and head to

Type in your enrollment code if you have been given one. If you don't have your enrollment code, type in your date of birth, last four digits of your SSN and zip code.

Click 'Go'. You will then be able to see the progress of your application for a Safelink phone

If for some reason you are unable to access your application page or you wish for more details then it will be worth contacting Safelink at the following number:

If you would prefer to email them, then you can head to and fill out their email template. You will need to explain that you are wishing to track your safe link phone and tell them how you have tried to on their website but it would not work.

You will need to supply them with as many details as possible about your application in order for them to find it on the database. They should then be able to email you back within a few days to tell you the progress of your delivery.

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