Have A Safe-link Tracfone, How Do I Download Free Ringtones To My Safe-link Phone Off The Internet?


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Ringtones serve to alert someone in case there is an incoming call, a message, an alarm or any other predetermined setting. With ringtones, one is able to tell various aspects of a given phone since different types of phones can boost different types of ringtones. This implies that ringtones give the phone a personality.

A safe-link tracfone is not an exception since it is also a phone. However, even though it is also a phone, there are various limitations towards attaining some applications running on the tracfone. The safe-link tracfone, being part of the tracfone network has various restrictions towards the use of the tracfone. In most instances, when one wishes to personalize the use of the safe-link tracfone, (through ringtones) they mainly use the download option from the tracfone website. For one to download the ringtone in this site, he or she has to pay for the service.

With free ringtones hovering everywhere around the network, various people have come up with strategies of downloading free ringtones to their phones. For instance, some sites such as , boost these feature where one is expected to follow steps so as to download the free tracfone ringtones. One is expected to select the tracfone they intend to download, with their favorite music style. Since the download may be blocked, the ringtone may be sent by email thereby bypassing detection. Second option is by downloading the ringtone via Bluetooth onto a computer hard drive if the computer supports Bluetooth applications. In essence, once one has chosen the free ringtone, do not click on the "download it for free” option since it would be blocked. Instead, the listen link is chosen, then click "Save As” to save the ringtone on the computer hard drive. When in the hard drive, follow the manual’s instructions to connect the tracfone with the computer using infrared or Bluetooth then transfer the ringtone to the cell phone. Later on, you may assign the ringtone to the phone’s ringtone for your enjoyment.

If your phone has a memory card slot, following the same steps to download it to the computer as described above, one may transfer the ringtone to the memory card. Later on, plug the memory card into the phone and proceed to transfer the ringtone to the phone, as well as assign the new ringtone to the phone. For ease in the steps of assigning the ringtone, it is important to use the manual as the phones technicalities may differ.
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I have a safe link trac phone how do I download free ringtones
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I have a safelink gov    TracFone wireless motorola cell phone without the internet can I download free ring tones on the phone if so how
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Unfortunately you can't.  Trying to do such may result in the suspension of your cell phone. Play it smart, and enjoy the free polyphonic ones. I'm a fan of "COSMIC"!

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