How Do You Put Music On Powerpoint From Youtube?


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Firstly, it is important to note that downloading any music from youtube which is copyright is illegal and you could be prosecuted.
Any music not copyrighted can be used.
To do this go to
Enter the name of the artist or song which you wish to save.
On the right hand side of the screen you will be able to see the URL for the song, highlight that link and left click and select copy. If you cannot see this just right click on the page and select copy URL.
The click a new web search and enter the following When the site opens select the by URL tab and then paste the link that you copied from you tube. Click ok and wait for the file to be uploaded.
You will then be prompted to either save the file or open it..
Now open powerpoint and start your new slide show. On the toolbar at the top of the screen click on the insert tab, and then select Movies and Sounds.
Now click on select from file.
Locate your MP3 which you previously saved from you tube. You will be asked how you want your music so that it either automatically starts or when you click it. It is up to you. You will then notice a horn on your slideshow - this is to show you the music. If it appears in the centre of your slide then click and hold it and move it to the bottom corner. This allows you to work on the rest of your presentation.
Once your presentation is complete then click on the slideshow tab and watch your slides and music come to live with your selected music.
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If you need to create a good-looking slideshow, I think that it's better to use special slideshow software to make things easier and save some time. With such a handy tool anyone can create an awesome slideshow.

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Ok. So basically go to the youtube video and click file - save as. After that go to My Computer and right hand click on the video. Then click Open With... Windows Media Player. Then go to  your powerpoint and click Insert...Movies and Sounds....Movie from File.
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You can't save a you tube video by just clicking file and save as!!!!!!!!
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You may also use Allavsoft to directly download YouTube videos or music into PowerPoint supported format to successfully insert YouTube to PPT.

Here is the step by step guide at
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Really awesome when I first knew how to do it, it was really good for me to use. First you need to somehow unable ribbon, then you need to press upload video, then go right down and click the last windows option. Then make the video the size you want, but before that type the link. Press F5 and go to the slide the clip is on then press play and the sound comes right to your ears .. Oh and also the film/animation :) Hope that helps

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