How Do You Put Music On Guitar Hero: World Tour?


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Guitar Hero: World Tour was the fourth main entry into the widely popular rhythm-action game series, released in November 2008. It bolstered a hefty track listing of 86 songs upon release, which is more than enough to keep your rooted to the plastic imitation fretboard for weeks.

But, in this advent of downloadable add-on content, even once you have exhausted the extensive song list, you can continue to enjoy the game for many more hours.

The method of doing this though, may not at first be obvious for newer players, so we are here to guide you through the simple process you must follow to obtain some new tracks:

  • First of all, you will need to make sure you have an Xbox Live Gold account, and that your account is fully topped up with enough Microsoft Points to acquire the track packs you are after. While there are a few half decent free track packs floating around on there, if you want full choice over the songs you play, and want the best, you are going to ave to fork out a little bit of cash to do so. Most track packs cost around 680 Microsoft Points.
  • Once you are all tallied up on your points, you will need to head to the 'Game Marketplace' section on the Xbox Live dashboard.
  • From here find your way to the Guitar Hero: World Tour section, and from here it should be easy to find a list of track packs from which you can make your selection. Just follow the onscreen instructions. It's as easy as that!
Once you have all of your track packs downloaded, fire up your game as normal and the new songs should be seamlessly integrated into your game without you having to do anything further. Simple!
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It depends what you are referring to. If you mean music that your console can play while you play games, it won't happen. Almost each GH game disables audio, even in the menus. If you mean downloadable content for GH, this is the fastest way:

Insert the game, push the Xbox Guide button, then go to the achievement blade. There should be a DLC link at the bottom for something for GH. Navigate through to go to all GH DLC content. Some song packages are free, and some cost Microsoft Points.

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