Is Xbox Live Safe?


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Like most large internet services, Xbox Live is completely safe (why else would they have millions upon millions of monthly users).

Never Give Out Personal Details Online
Obviously, like everything other internet service out there, it is not advisable to be going around giving your personal information such as phone numbers and bank details to every Tom, Dick and Harry you meet on there, but that should be obvious. You wouldn't supply these details to a stranger in the street, so why would you do it on Xbox Live?

So There's Nothing To Worry About?
Of course, due to the social networking nature of the Xbox Live service, you are bound to come across some people running their mouths in an offensive manner about topics close to their heart. You should expect anything and everything on the open forums of matchmaking, but any offense can be easily avoided.

How Can I Avoid These Loud Mouthed Ruffians?!
If you are worried about encountering anything vulgar on the servers, or perhaps you have younger ones wanting to play online, there are plenty of options you can adjust to make your console more family friendly. For more info you can always head to the official Xbox site for Microsoft's authorial word HERE, but for the mean time, you can be browsing through this handily bullet-pointed list of things that the parental controls of your Xbox can help you choose to do to increase your machine's security:

  • Which games can be played.
  • Which movies and TV shows can be watched.
  • How long each family member can use the console on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Whether or not someone can access Xbox LIVE.
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Yes. Just don't give out info. The only other thing you really should be worried about is the cussing! A lot of that on Live, but otherwise it's safe.
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Yes, Xbox Live IS safe, just don't give out your personal info such as phone numbers and things like that to people - unless you know the person in real life and you are in a private chat with them.
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Xbox LIVE is the online sevice for the Xbox 360. With a paid gold membership and a set of headphones, your child can play online with a community of 40 million other users worldwide.

This can be seriously awesome for the gaming enthusiast in your house, but there are 10 important things parents should know about Xbox LIVE and keeping kids safe before setting it up for their child.

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