What Are The Benefits Of An Xbox Live Membership?


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Xbox Live Memberships come in silver and gold and can be purchased for a month, three months and one year. They allow the user to play online (via the internet) and to download content directly from Microsoft. This allows a number of benefits, the first is that demos of new games can be played in advance of the game's release. (This of course increases the likelihood of the game being bought) Recently, game makers have released multiplayer demos, which allow the player to experience online multiplayer. Again, this builds the chances of the player purchasing the game.

Other benefits include updates and fixes for games, which means that glitches can be fixed and improved.

Online gaming allows us to build communities of gamers with similar interests who can play games. Via competitions, teams of gamers can compete in competitions to win real prizes.

Xbox Live can also be used for chat, you can chat to friends and loved ones over the connection and even do video chat with Xbox Vision Camera.
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XBox live gives you the chance to interact with others. I, too once had no xBox Live TM and my only resort was my sister, and that was a rare one game of Modern Warfare 2, days at a time. But then I decided to get xBox live, and so I was able to play with 10 people, whether it be Free-for-all, team death match or anything else. It also boosts the points you get impressively. Playing against my sibling left me with 1000 points max each day. Now I could get 10,000 points by mid afternoon, excluding all the challenges with major points available there. You can also meet friends and start up a group or "clan" as referred to by others. This is what makes  Xbox live great. It may sound stupid, but you feel pretty cool being out there, seeing all the bullets fly, or maybe kicking some a$$ on Fifa. Either way, I know it may seem a lot of money at first, but it definitely pays off. You'll be the envy of all your friends!
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It allows me to play games with my friends and the best thing is that no one can beat me especially on Modern Warfare 2 as I am a 12 prestige level 67. Also number one in the world. So if you want to challenge me add me shaz356. But beware I am the best, so get ready to play with the best and lose like a loser.

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