What Do G Points Do In Xbox Live?


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Adam Yare answered
G points or gamer points don't do an awful lot in Xbox live apart from being a great way of showing off what achievements you have made.

Gamer points are allocated when you complete certain levels or achievements on games and so if you play on Xbox live, your competitors will be able to view your gamer point score and may well judge your gaming ability by this score. Therefore it is always useful to have a high gamer score as many gamers take great pride in their ability and want some evidence to back this up.

With any gaming question you may want to think about heading to gaming forums and joining in discussion with the community of other gamers. You may find this a great way of gaining extra knowledge on Xbox games as well as making some new friends you could also challenge on Xbox live. 

If you head to google.com and type in 'Xbox 360 gaming forums' you will find a long list. Simply click on a few of the choices and see which take your fancy or look for the most frequently updated and visited. You may have to create an account with a username to be able to submit on the forum but this is usually free to do and only takes a couple of minutes.
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Nothing, its just a way to compare games that might not have online ablitiy, so you can compare and see whos better, or just see who plays more games over all

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