What Are Some Good Xbox Live Gamertags For Girls?


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Fred Hamill answered
There's not really a definitive answer to this question, as all girls are different and what one girl may like as a gamertag, another may hate. But with the popularity of video gaming rising across the world, many more girls are taking to the past time that was seen very much as a boys game in the early days.

But, we can still offer some tips to help you come up with a half-decent gamertag for yourself.

  • Generally, the best gamertags will involve something around your name because you want your gamertag to be easily identifiable as you. Try messing around with variations of different symbols and your name. Another popular style is to replace letters in your name with characters, such as 'J4m35' (James).

  • Also, you could still just go for a totally unrelated gamertag which is either clever, sweet or somewhere in between. My advice would be that you keep your gamertag short, sweet, and punchy. Use a gamertag that's personal to you. Aside from using just your name, the most common gamertags are based on changing letters in your name to numbers or other characters. These are probably the most fun to make, and also your friends will have to decrypt the gamertag to realize that it spells out your name.

  • Many gamertags are used to express a certain trait in the person's personality. For example, a favorite sports team, a meaningful quote to the individual and an expression of someone's love for something or someone.
Jeremy Simmons Profile
Jeremy Simmons answered
You could have an x in front and behind and capital and lowercase letters. You could also replace letters with numbers, for example: XxFaLl0NxX
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Kelly H. answered
There are many different types of gamer tags that you could use. Obviously, some people have their name along with their favorite numbers, or numbers that are used to show their birth date. You can also have a gamer tag on something you like: A favorite hobby, your favorite character on a television show or movie, or something a little more creative that reflects who you are.
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Keiko Deranski answered
I used to have one called Queen Fighter, but I like choosing names that say I'm a gamer girl, but not a girly girl, if you know what I mean? Sometimes I just do a funny name, but add something girly to the gamer tag and profile picture.

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