What Are Some Fun Websites For Girls Ages 11-13?


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There aren’t really any websites that target this particular audience, but there are many services that will attract girls of this age. For instance, there are many virtual worlds that allow young girls to dress up dolls and create different lifestyles for cartoon characters. These games let young girls appreciate what make up actually is and how it should be applied, whilst they have fun decorating houses and putting new outfits on their dolls.

One particular website is This website lets young girls build their own avatars, create their own rooms, make friends and so much more. This is like a social network for young girls, but instead of providing personal information to other members, you will only be able to show them the dolls you have created and the rooms you have made. This is particularly popular amongst young girls of this age, but may extend to people outside of the 11 to 13 boundaries.

Stardoll is another website that lets you chat with friends, or chat with completely new people. Just like the Cartoon Doll Emporium, you will be able to dress up your dolls and apply makeup precisely how you like. You can even use celebrity dolls, and give a makeover to your favourite celebrity.

IMVU is popular, too, an incredible social network that uses 3D graphics to ensure that the experience is as enjoyable as possible. You can chat just like you can on facebook, and you will have a contacts list with a list of people who are currently online. You will be able to go to your friends’ rooms and meet your friends’ avatars, or invite your friends to come to your own personalised room and have a chat.

For even more, simply perform a Google search.
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What are the best websites for girls? Well as a father myself, when I am looking for websites for girls, I think it is better to look for websites that have some value for my kids. There are websites that help your kids read, or engage them in activities that help them develop their skills in math or increase their general knowledge.
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Well I dislike moshi child like and btw 2 all the posters...plz don't think of 11 year olds as a child anymore...we are mature kids
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Facebook, Twitter, and/or weeworld.
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Some good websites for girls ages 11-13 might be like aim, dizzywood, habbo, smallworlds, weeworld, club penguin, facebook maybe ummm.... Neopets, webkinz, and at, you can make your own website for other people to go on!!! Hope it helped those are really the only things that I go on.
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Girl sense
Club Penguin
Our World
Mini clip
Mara pets
Addicting Games
Spine world
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One is all girls you get to walk around and you have a phone really cool there is much more  but I have to go I hope this works
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Anonymous answered also if they have an emil, than blog or get a friends. All emails are safe with this website I can Aure you!
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you make a monster and feed it an love it!

Add me harmony-bleakly (unless you are a member!)
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I wouldnt go on imvu thats just a bad wesite   id try
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I'm 11 turning 12. I went to all of these websites and hate them. I go on weeworld. And if your parents let you get a FACEBOOK!!!!!!
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Well, I'm an eleven year old myself. And I find many websites interesting. You do not have to download them or anything like that, and I do enjoy them very much. Here are some of them:   foo virtual world   I hope these websites are a   good enough answer!
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Well, as a 13 year old, I think is a good website. So is

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Why would you bother about websites, when you can now use smartphones or
tablets to provide kids with tons of fun! You must certainly own a tactile
device, they are pretty cheap these days! Start with simple games like this
arcade platformer: and you will find various cool
apps for kids on the iOS store. The will also offer tons of
them! On the other hand, if you are really keen to get your girls on websites,
might be an interesting one. Otherwise, here is a list: that might help. Enjoy!

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Thought there would be someone that recommends books instead;)

After all, girls chat is the funniest.

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There are no sites for 12-year-old girls. Also, y our question is highly disturbing. Not only is it against the law for anyone under the age of 16 to access the internet without adult supervision, but your question is very vague and makes it sound like you are searching for 12-year-old girls to have sex with..

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Some are,,, and my website On omgproduction you get to put videos up and funny videos and you could become a member its like youtube
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Anonymous answered is a good site where you make an avatar and play games. The goal is to get a boyfriend and a job and be the top bimbo girl.

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