What Are Some Free And Fun Avatar Websites For Teens?


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There are hundreds of avatar websites for teenagers, most of which have special security measures to keep their visitors safe. We have listed some of the most frequently visited avatar websites for teens below, in no particular order, to give an idea what is on offer.

  • List of sites
The majority of these can be played both for free and as a paying member, which usually offers greater opportunities to expand, etc.

They are:

Teen Second Life
Roblox Girl Game Zone Woozworld Runescape There IMVU Sims3 Questseekers Fantage Moshimonsters Club Penguin Whyville Meez Zwinky Gizmoz
  • Staying safe
Although all of these sites are doing their best to keep teenagers safe, there is always a risk of someone penetrating the defenses by pretending they are someone else. It is therefore vital for teenagers to keep some major safety points in mind when surfing or playing.

  • First rule of safety
The first thing to remember is to never, ever, give out personal details. This includes full names, addresses and phone numbers, names of family members, passwords, social security and credit card numbers. The best thing to do is create e-mail addresses and screen names that don't identify even the person's gender.

  • Nicknames for chat
When visiting chat facilities, it is best to use a nickname different to one's screen name. This way, if a conversation feels uncomfortable, there is no risk of being tracked down via the screen name or e-mail. If someone does make a person feel really uncomfortable, they should tell their parents or report them.

  • Virtual friendships
Friendships made in virtual worlds should remain virtual. All too often, teenagers agree to meet up with virtual friends in the real world, only to find themselves in real trouble. As said before, not everyone is who they claim.
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Some fun websites are : ( if you are 11 or younger) ( any age) ( if you 8 or younger) ( if you are 13 or younger.)
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I like these they are awsome < I love this one
p.s please answer some of my questions if you can!!!
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Teen here.
YouTube is a good website. You can watch whatever you want there. I mostly watch videos with BTS (a Korean music group) in them since I love them so much.
My sister used to go on Tumblr all the time. I tried using it but it was a bit boring. But the experience is different for everyone.

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Lots of pictures from popular people. You can also communicate with your friends.
Pinterest & Tumblr
Again, lots of pictures from almost any topic that you can think of.
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Here are some websites that I know are pretty fun.

these r the only ones that I know about.

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