What Are Some Avatar Chat Websites?


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There are several chat sites on the internet where the user is allowed to use either an in-house or a custom avatar. Here is a short list of sites that allow them:

An avatar is a graphical representation of a user on a chat line that most often gives a look into the alter ego of the person using it. It can be in 3D or two dimensional, and in computing they are used in games and in virtual worlds such as chat rooms. The avatar is associated with a personal handle or screen name when used in the chat room format.

  • When was this phrase pioneered?

The term was first coined in 1985 by creators of the online role playing game Habitat. The term was also used to refer to characters in the role-playing game Shadowrun. Today, avatars can be moving 3D objects used in not only chat, but in instant messaging programs such as Yahoo and AOL Messenger.

As avatars grew more in use and popularity, services appeared to service this demand by businesses that can make original digital avatars for companies and individuals. Today for a small fee, and on some web sites as well for free , you can design a custom avatar within just a few minutes. When you use this custom avatar you become more recognizable to your virtual friends when you enter a chat room or instant message someone. You'll also recognize your friends more easily when they get their very own custom avatars.

  • Where can you benefit from one?

There are tons of web sites today that support chat rooms where you can use your avatars and the list grows on a daily basis. Do a quick Google search and find the room with the interests that you want to explore and you'll be on your way to a virtual world of fun.
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Here are some websites:   Clubpenguin.com, bearville.com, stardoll.com                                                                neopets.com

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