What Are Some Good Avatar Games With Chat For Kids 12 And Up?


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Ill say kidz world I'm mean its awsome you get to chat upload pics and comment other ppl profiles its so much fun its for 9 -17 year olds and its a lot of 17 year oldz and stuff so I think you will get along
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Personally, I like Gaia online.
You can make avatars, explore, and meet friends.
It's really cool.
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Gaia Online.
I'm addicted to that Game >o< '
The youngest you can be to enter is 13.
You can create your avatar, interact with other people, and more.
Its a virtual hangout ;D
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Anonymous answered and I'm big chelsey
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There is habbo and zwinky that you can play online
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Anonymous answered is a great website for kids 12 and up you can make your own avatar and even play really cool games.

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