What Are Some Cool Avatar And Virtual Worlds For Kids?


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If you are looking for fun avatar or virtual worlds aimed at children, there are a number of options, and which ones are best for you or your children will depend on how old the child in question is and what they like to do!

One of the most popular virtual worlds aimed at young children is Club Penguin, here.  Owned by Disney, users can adopt the persona of a virtual penguin, decorated their homes and interact with friends.  It’s free to join but some features are only available to paying members.  Mostly aimed at age 6 to around 10, it’s family friendly and you can also get real soft toy Club Penguin penguins if your children get really keen!

Disney also run ToonTown Online, here, aimed at age 7 plus, where players can create cartoon characters then play with them in a virtual world, doing all the crazy stuff that cartoons do - throwing themselves out of cannons, splatting each other with custard pies or having parties with friends.  Again, you can play for free, and there are a number of features you can only access if you are a subscriber.

If your child loves animals, why not try Webkinz.  Players adopt a stuffed animal avatar as a pet, and can feed, dress, and care for their pet, as well as visiting friends or play simple games.  You need to buy a soft toy in a shop, and it will come with a code to activate an online subscription to the Webkinz site.  The subscription lasts for a year.

For a slightly more educational, if you like, site try National Geographics’ Animal Jam, aimed at kids who love animals and the outdoors.  It’s designed to be a safe environment for younger kids online (it’s aimed at age 5-10), in which they can create an animal, care for it, design and maintain it’s environment and play with their friends.  It’s free to play, but members can also pay to join the Animal Jam Club, which gives them access to exclusive items and dens plus sneak peeks at new animals.

As children get older, environments that might appeal more include Dizzywood, which enables players to play games and take part in quests; WhyVille, which incorporates fun maths and physics; or Habbo, previously known as Habbo Hotel.
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Well here are some websites that I find are fun!
    Some may not be virtual, but these are some really cool websites!
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Well:I've been asking the same thing for a long time. But here are some that I know: (gets soooooooo boring) (I don't even go on it anymore)
well I hope I helped!
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pixie hollow(for girls unless you boys are willing to be girls)
IMVU(for teens only)
super secret I play on it-my name is lolpuppyluv add me if you can
toontown(you have to download
foopets(if your a kid that not 13 or older you should lie about your age because the pets are really cute)
I hope these helped you!!!!
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Anonymous answered can't make your full avatar only your avatars face but its kinda fun for me)
pirates of the carribean online(its kinda new its so fun you can explore with other players and jack sparrow and there's so many places to explore and many more but you have to download it)
monkey quest
wizard 101(you have to download it)
super hero squad online(you need to download it but its cool!!!) need to download some few stuff its cool but it will re-open) only for girls) has a virtual world called the club you can only have 50 buddies)
littlest pet shop online(you must register soon cause it will be over in December 2011) need to download it before you play but its fun anyways)
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Imvu is for teenagers

Toonstown -Was closed-

Wizard101 and Pirate101 -Typically the same thing-

Club penguin -Got SOO boring of it-

Jumpstart -Can be fun. Wish i was member D:-


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You can go on
well thats all I have
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Um well I have a few

clubpenguin ( you need to be a member to buy clothes and stuff )
stardoll ( mostly for girls but boys are allowed too )
habbo ( your computer will probably freeze a lot )
toontown  ( the best thing ever )
wizard 101 ( I haven't really been on I just made one so just check it out )
    and that's about it ...  I have more I just can't think of them..
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Anonymous answered ( just type in buildabear ) ( but you have to pay if you want to become a member ) ( you have to become a member if you want to buy stuff )
dream of just go on and click DO MO or the other games theres like 7 or 8 virtual games
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Well this isn't exactly a virtual world but it is a site with a penpal service if any kids may want to chat apposed to walk and chat you don't even have to make a account ! So heres the link:
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I think Fantage is good. You will sure come addicted to it to. There you can play fashion show, and all that kind of name is star6377 or maybe mint6399
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Webkinz but you have to buy 1,SUPER secret gets so boring ,and meez and I'm-vu r cool but there for teens they need to make more virtual fun worlds for kids 9-10 like meez or I'm-vu goodness wats wrong with that kids r always on the computer bored they need more VIRTUAL WORLDS WITH AVATARS FOR LIKE 10-13 OR 9-10 .SO Kids can HAve Fun!
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Fantage is pretty cool I'm a member look for me my name is  yoyoyo1388 I'm always on the first server cool you can create your own character you will be addicted
cool is cool 2! Its cool fantage so yea I no a lot more but yea so l8er
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I would say fantage because it really fun.
You can buy clothes, change your hair, get a tan, change your eyes later in the game.
Tho most things are for premium members..... So you have to become a premium member.
I discovered fantage 2 days ago.  You can do a fashion show, host or participate.
Get invited to parties. Change your board. Its really can choose whether not to talk
at all, use safe chat, or type the messages yourself.  Oh when you buy an animal, you go to the creature arena and youll be that animal! Its really cool. Eat the cakes and youll be tiny.
My name is krayley.
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I would say small worlds....but you have to be a teen....its realy fun you can buy stuff...decorate your house you can have more than can adopt pets..just like a real world except no cars!!!
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You should check out wizrds101
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Why, pray? - please me more specific - specificity is all - well not exactly all, but a good part of the sum. You can take up the parts, but u can't make the sum - good one, Lennie baby....

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