What Are Some Codes For Pokemon Light Platinum?


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Pokemon Light is a game that you have to purcase to play and getting a serial number for free is not a legal way to get a licence and if they can track this to your computer, you may be prosecuted. You can get these online but they are not legal codes and you may have some issues with them.
These codes are produced either by getting information from the Call of Duty system or from reusing another licence that is not yours. You have not paid for it and could get into trouble.
Another reason to stay away from illegal codes is that you do not know what access you are giving to someone else and you may be allowing someone else to look into your computer files without your knowledge, just by typing a code in.
The best way to get a code is to buy the game yourself. You will see that you cannot share the codes with anyone else. This is outlined on the packaging of the game.
A cheaper alternative is to look on some websites and see if there are any second hand games on eBay or any other similar websites. This will make it less expensive for you to play the game, without having to get an illegal code from the internet.
You could play the game and invite friends around to play it with you, if you can share the cost between the group. This is another way to save money yet still stay on the correct side of the law.
Do not trust codes that you get on the internet, these could damage your computer and then you will be left without a game and also without a computer.

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