What Is The 999 Rare Candies Code For Pokemon Light Platinum?


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Here is the rare candy code for Pokemon Light Platinum...
  • 82025bd00044
  • d261dc6d197b4dc2
  • 280ea26688a62e5c

Copy all three of these lines of code into the cheat list on your game. When you next access your PC in the game you should find that you have almost unlimited rare candies!

Rare candy cheat for Pokemon Light Platinum Pokemon Light Platinum is a successful hack of Pokemon Ruby version, and is one of the most successful Pokemon hack games in the franchise.

Many new features were included or updated from Pokemon Ruby, and some fourth generation Pokemon are available in the game despite Pokemon Ruby being third generation.

Features of Light Platinum include...

  • A whole new region called Zhery.
  • A brand new set of leaders and new elite four.
  • All new rivals.
  • Pokemon from all the regions (Johto, Kanto, Hoen, Sinnoh) can be caught and trained.
  • Includes all new sprites, events and tiles.
  • Pokemon world championship.
  • The player can take trips to other areas and can catch all Pokemon's legendaries.

Here's a video of how to access the rare candy and master ball cheats in Pokemon Light Platinum:

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