Can You Tell Me Pokemon Light Platinum Rare Candy Cheat?


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There are many places where you can find different Pokemon light platinum cheats online. The best place to look for the cheats are;

  • Pokemon fansites.
There are lots of different Pokemon fansites and forums that Pokemon fans can look to find all of the different new clues and cheats for the Pokemon games. You can find these by typing 'Pokemon fan site' into Google and there are many different ones to choose from. Some are even specific to different types of game.

You should be able to find a discussion topic on here about the rare candy cheat but if you cannot, you could sign up with a username and password and start the topic yourself.

  • Google.
You can Google these and see if any different cheats come up. I have had a look at these and there are many different cheats. This would make me reluctant to use them because if they are all different, I wouldn't know what was the correct one.

There are some downsides to using cheats and they may not be correct. You do not know what you are typing into your game and you may find that the cheat does something completely different to what you thought it would do. They could wipe the game or even pass a virus on to your game.

  • Pokemon website or official magazine.
Both of these will occasionally publish some cheats for Pokemon games. You can trust that these are correct and will also be able to find where the information has come from and contact them if they do not work.

The best thing to do is to not use cheats. Games are always so much more fun if you have achieved the level you are at by yourself.
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You hve 2 go into a pokemart in and out 50 times for this to work first find a rare candy then you hve to go and speak to the poke'mart guy in sean port city then you have to do the in and out 50 times thing again then go to your pc it will be there like 99x just do as much as you wnt
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Cheating to get a rare Candy is really in-possible you have to find them every where or buy some at the poke-mart if you upgrade your ds some how

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