Where Can I Get Hm Surf In Pokemon Light Platinum?


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Hm surf in Pokémon is available in platinum, but not light platinum.

If you are looking for it in platinum you have to go to the centre of Celeistic town where you will find an elder telling you that a spaceman is threatening to bomb the whole town. You will have to challenge the spaceman to a battle, if you defeat him you will be given the elder the package that you got from Cynthia which you should open to examine the painting.

When you enter the cave press the 'A' on the wall, Cynthia will tell you some instructions about ancient legends then follow the instructions Cyrus.

Pokémon light platinum is based on the original and popular game that has evolved from trading cards into video games to become a much loved worldwide industry and one of the most successful game formats ever.

Appealing to players and collectors from schoolchildren upwards, Pokémon became an internationally recognised name during the late 90s and has kept ahead of the competition with new and innovative games while retaining true to the original principles of the trading card game.

With so many offshoots and developments it would be easy to lose track with the original trading format but the originators of the game have remained true to their principles and simply worked on incorporating modern technologies into their successful format to enhance the game format.

As a global craze, Pokémon has a vast international following that allows players to cross language barriers with the form much loved in every continent.

Pokémon light platinum is a lively new version of the game which appeals to followers of all ages and has proved very popular as an online game with the trading card version complimenting it fully."

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