Where Can I Get The Pokeblock Case In Pokemon Platinum?


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Unfortunately it is not possible to get the pokeblock case in Pokemon Platinum. However, Pokemon Platinum does have an equivalent of pokeblocks which are called poffins, and the poffin case is available in Pokemon Platinum.

To get the poffin case go to the Pokemon fan club in hearthome. The club is located next to the apartment in the south of the town. Talk to the chairman of the fan club (who is standing behind the desk) and he will give you the poffin case.

Poke block case in Pokemon Platinum
  • Having the poffin case allows the player to make their own poffins.
  • Poffins can be used to raise the beauty, tough, cute, cool or smart condition of your pokemon when it is engaged in a pokemon contest.
  • Pokemon tend to prefer different flavour of poffins depending on their nature.
  • To make your own poffin, take the poffin case and at least one berry to the poffin house (which is located west of the pokemart) in hearthome city.
  • Then talk to the NPC standing by a pot in the poffin house to create poffins.
  • Using the DS's stylus, stir the mixture until it turns brown and spotted.
  • Up to 100 poffins can be stored in the poffin case at any one time.

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