What Is The Masterball Cheat For Pokemon Light Platinum?


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  • Places to find cheats
There are many places where you can find the 'Masterball' cheat code for 'Pokemon Light Platinum'. Websites where you can find the code and also chat to other Pokemon enthusiasts include; '', '', '', '' and there are also videos on YouTube that show people entering the cheats and completing the challenges. This can be one of the best ways to learn to do something. The websites above are also a great place to meet other people who enjoy playing the Pokemon games. There are often forums where you can meet and share tips and advice and generally chat with like- minded people. Cheats can also be found in gaming magazines and are shared across the websites so it is a good idea to keep an eye on these websites for regular updates of the latest cheats and codes.

  • What is Pokemon Light Platinum?
Pokemon Light Platinum is part of the hugely successful Pokemon series. Pokemon is the world's second most popular computer game of all time behind Mario. Pokemon Light Platinum was released in 2008 then four months later in Japan and then in the US in 2009. It is the third generation of Generation IV and as Wi-Fi has become more popular, the game has been adapted to include up to 20 players who can play together from all around the world. There are many new characters in the game and it has adapted as technology has evolved.

Pokemon Light Platinum can connect with all Pokemon generation III games as well as 'Pokemon Diamond', 'Pokemon Pearl' and 'Pokemon Battle Revolution'. There are plans to ensure it is able to connect to 'My Pokemon Ranch' in the future.

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