How Do You Insert A Psp Game Into A Psp?


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Ok... On the back of a PSP (the side WITHOUT the screen, where the round silver ring is) there is a small door. On the older 'fat' style (PSP 1000) there is a small slide switch on the top of the unit that says 'Open >'. Push it in the direction indicated by the little triangular arrow.

This will cause the door to open. On the 'slim' versions (PSP 2000, and 3000) there is just a little indent at the top of the door. Hook your thumbnail into this slot, and push lightly AWAY from where the screen is. The door should pop right open.

Now, if your UMD (the name of the kind of disk the PSP uses, the ones with the white and clear hard cover over the actual disk) came in a case, open the case, and sliding the tip of your finger under it by way of one of the convenient cutaways, and gently pull outward until the disk (and it's attached cover) pops free of the case. If it didn't come in a case, you're already set to go on to the next part!

If you look at the UMD (what you call the whole disk AND protective cover), you'll see that there is one side where the picture and game name are printed behind the clear part of the disk cover (do not attempt to remove the hard outer cover, this will make your game nigh unplayable, it's supposed to be in there) and on the other side there are two holes in the white cover. One that lets you see the metal disk that allows the disk to be spun in the case, and a square window through which you can see the actual disk (don't stick your finger in there, it's bad for the disk). You'll also notice that the general shape of the case is not round, but has one end that is smoothly rounded, and one end that is somewhat squared off. This is important, as you cannot put it in with the squared side down... Now grip the UMD gently by holding the squared end between your index finger (that's the first one, closest to your thumb) and thumb (that's the thicker one that's separated from the other four fingers). Hold the PSP in your other hand in such a way that the door is away from the palm of your hand, and pointing upward (and hopefully still open, cause if not, you'll need to open it again). Now make sure you are holding the UMD in such a way that the clear side of the outer hard case is pointing away from the PSP, and with the round side pointing downward, away from the fingers you are holding it with. (Don't worry, you can change it. I'll wait... Got it now? Good.)

Now you have to slide the whole UMD into the PSP. This is where things can get a little complicated... See the 'fat' PSP 1000s have a meal frame mounted to the door of the PSP that acts like a set of rails to hold the UMD. If you have one of these kind, simply look for where the brackets stick out from the door and slide the UMD into them smoothly. They should hold the disk evenly against the door of the PSP (with the white side facing toward the back of the PSPs screen). You then push the UMD down until it lightly 'clicks' in place and doesn't try to spring back out. Then simply close the door firmly, and make sure that the slider switch you used to open it returned to the locked position. If not, press the door firmly shut and push the slide switch in the opposite direction from the way you pushed it to open the door. This should keep the door solidly latched.

Now, if this worked for you, skip this paragraph, and go to the next one. If it didn't work for you (because you have a 'slim'-type PSP 2000 or 3000), you will be aware that there are no such rails on the door of your PSP. This is normal. Instead of trying to find rails to slide the UMD into, you simply slide the disk into the available space inside the unit (facing the same way as described above... Go ahead an re-read that part, I'll wait), when it's in place properly you should be able to either simply close the door, or press the UMD toward the main body of the PSP and have it kinda click in place. If you decide to press the UMD into place, simply close the door afterward. If you already closed the door, you're already there!

Congratulations! You have now inserted a PSP game into the PSP! Good job! Get yourself a treat, you've worked hard, you deserve it! (^_^)

Hope that answered your question, and you have a great day!
Asuka Jr.

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