How Big Is A PSP?


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The dimensions for the PSP (PlayStation Portable) unit would be (roughly) 170 mm (that is, 6.7 inches) in length and 74 mm (that is, 2.9 inches) in width, along with 23 mm (that is, 0.9 inches) in depth. Its total mass would be 280 grams (that is, a weight of about 0.62 lb) counting the battery as well. You find the TFT LCD screen would be of Samsung (previously Sharp) brand. It would be 110 mm (that is, 4.3 in) diagonally, having a 16:9 ratio in addition to a 480×272 pixel resolution which is capable of a total of 16.77 million colours.

The PlayStation Portable refers to a widely used handheld game console which is essentially released as well as manufactured by Sony Computer Entertainment. PSP may be obtained in 6 colours (subject to location) including pink and champagne.

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