On my psp i downloaded something and is saved it to ''psp/common/'' what does that mean and how do i get to it? Please and thaankyou


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To get to the file, use a USB / DATA cable or a card reader. You can not open up the file through the PSP it self . Moveover, if the PSP recognizes the file ( file extension) it asks you where to put the file or something like that. So to get to it, connect you PSP you your PC or laptop or whatever it is or use the card reader. Open your card drive ( can be anything C,D,E,F,G ).You see the PSP folder, open it. Then comes the common folder, open that one too. The file will be there, . Now to make it playable on your psp, you need to convert the file in a format playable by your PSP like video ext .mp4 or .avi . Picture ext .jpg or .jpeg . Music mp3 or wma ( only if enabled ) .EBOOT  for games or softwares like updates. ISO / CSO for hacked versions only .
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If you download a file from your web browser and it's unreadable or unplayable by your PSP, then it saves the file as PSP/Common.

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