How Do You Get All The Guns In Grand Theft Auto Sanandreas?


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Here it is.
Get All Weapons 1:

Get All Weapons 2:

Get All Weapons 3: R1,R2,L1,R2,Left,Down,Right,Up,Left,Down,Down,Left
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You have to go to the ammo-Nation and buy the weapons but if you don't have weapons nd your tryin to beat it wit no cheats then go online and look for a walk though and find all the spray paint ones that you havent sprayed all 100 and you get 4 guns dillivered to your main house by the save point lol your welcom
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You can get pants and cool jacket at gta  it EASY
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Try this action at any time that you are playing: R1,r1,r2,l1,r2,left,down,right,up,left,left,down,right,up,left,left.
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Answer this and don't lie , is there any cheats for gta san andreas for ps2 cheat that you get all the guns ?
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There are three methods to get the guns in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. First is to buy the guns from a weapon shop in the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. But it is not necessary that all the weapons are available on a single weapon shop. There are a few shops in the game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas where you can find all the weapons. 2nd method is when you kill a person in the game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas; you can acquire all his money and weapons.

In this method you usually get only a few weapons as all weapons are not available for the usual person in the game. Third and most easy way is to use the cheat for the weapons in the game. You can get the list of cheat for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas by searching through internet. One thing I want to mention here that you can not carry two same weapons of a particular type. For example if you are equipped with AK47 then you can not take M64 along with it. You can keep your AK47 or replace it by M64. However, you can have weapons of all categories at once.

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