I Want To Scan A Picture From My Printer To My Computer? And How Do I Save It.


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I want to scan a picture to my printer
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I have a scanning printer (hp)  and I don't know how to begin  I want to scan a picture and send in e-mail to a friend
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You should scanner on and put in whatsoever you want to scan. Go to menu and select your scanner program and select the "scan document" option. Your document show on your desktop and you can adjust it. Click on "scan" and save your scan document in drive like desktop, C drive or D drive.

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It's really easy.but there are multiple choices.
Are you trying to do it from a camera,or a printer with a

If its a camera it should've came with a plug in to the computer
(if not you can buy one from a local store,like target or an electronic store)
if its the copyer,just press export. (depends on your printer/copyer)
tell more about your printer or copyer
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I want to save my images coming out from the printer to the computer, but the images are coming from the x-ray machines?
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Scanning images is easy. First you will need a scanning programme such as Scanwise (this will be provided with the scanner when you purchase it).

First lift the lid of the scanner. Take your image and place it in the scanner both face down and upside down and line it up against the edge. Put the lid down. Click on 'Preview', and wait a few seconds for the scanner to scan the image.

Next use the selection tool to select the section of the image that you wish to be scanned in (you can use zoom to zoom in and out to make the selection more accurate). Down the left-hand side of the screen you will find several options. These are things such as image colour (you can choose to have your image in colour or black and white), image resolution (this controls the quality of your image), contrast, saturation and brightness (these alter dark and light difference, add more or less colour, and control how bright your image will turn out. Browse through these options and select the ones that you want to be applied to your image.

Once you have made your decisions, click 'Scan'. A window will appear asking you to save the image (this will only appear if you have selected to save the image to file on the options on the left). Select the file type (e.g Jpeg etc), then name your image. Then click 'Save'. The image will then be scanned in properly.
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If you have a physical paper photo like from decades ago for example and want to bring it into the computer / scan that way then you need a "scanner" obviously, which if you already have that and forgot to mention it then set up the scanner with the CD-ROM the scanner DEFINITELY came with. If you do not have the installation CD that came with the computer then go to the comany's website  that made your scanner and search their site for your scanner's "download drivers" that is what your installation CD was for in the first place. This information that comes with the scanner is required for your computer to recognize your scanner once it's plugged in. This is the same thing for a printer that is also a scanner "ALL IN ONE PRINTERS". If your scanner is too old for that companies website to still have any kind of resource for your model then buy a new one. It may be too hard to find the required software drivers for it. OR last piece of help I can give you from what you write may be if you did install the software and connected the scanner like for the first time today and still can't get the scanner to work you may of needed to reboot your computer for some reason for the first initial time for the system to work. Once it restarts you get a fresh start so to speak with new stuff added to the computer.

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