How Can I Scan A Document Onto The Computer From My Hp All In One?


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In order to scan a document onto your computer through an HP all in one you need to follow some steps which should be relatively simple.

  • How to scan a document through an HP all in one: Step 1
The first thing you need to do is ensure that the computer and your printer are plugged into the mains. You need to also make sure the two devices are connected together using the appropriate means. In this case there will usually be a USB lead that connects the two together.

  • Step 2
Once you have checked that it is all connected correctly and it has sufficient power you should lift up the lid on your printer which should allow you to place down the document that you would like to scan. Make sure that you place the document in correctly so it scans all the relevant information you need. For this to happen you need to follow the alignment markings that the printer should have displayed on the device. Also, make sure the document is face down on the scanner.

  • Step 3
Once the document is secure and the lid is down you should choose which resolution you want the document to be scanned in. Keep in mind that the higher it is, the more detailed the document will be. After you've decided that push on the scan button and the document should appear on your computer.

  • Step 4
Access the software that you have depending on your printer and you will be able to preview the document that you have just scanned. Through the software you will be able to make appropriate adjustments in term of the size and quality and so on.
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I hope HP J5780 all in one printer is install of your computer as you say.
take it print out first. Then keep this paper on scanner. Now open hp scan software which should be install of your computer. Here would be a option of scan by the help of this option you can scan your document.
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You can use scanning software for your scanner. It will be in your software cd. Install that software on your pc.Open the software in the mean while put the side of the document you want to scan into the scanner.Select the document and click scan Document would be scanned save it as a picture format or whichever format is required by you.
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What if my document is like 20 pages long? Do I have to scan each and every individual page?
I would have like 20 files then?

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