How Do I Get My Scanned Image From Lexmark X6170 Onto My Computer?


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If you have the Scanner properly installed on your PC, go to My computer and double click on the Printers and Scanner (or Scanners and Imaging Devices) icon which will b e found next to the hard disks and CD Rom Drive Icons... From there you'll get many options and your should choose the one which says to scan directly or to use Office Word to scan. This'll let you scan directly and save the file where you want to. Fiddle around a bit and you'll get just the right settings (after all, its a scanner so no problem of wastage of ink or paper etc).

In case the Icon does not show in the My Computer, make sure that the scanner's drivers are properly installed. If they're not, just pop in the CD which came with the scanner and install the drivers or Software or go online to the company's website to download drivers.

If none of this works just install the software of the Scanner from the CD and follow Inoverhead's advice which is the other answer to your question...

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Use the Lexmark Productivity software to operate the scanner remotely from the computer you wish to scan to. Then answer the questions for the type of scan you want, and you are done.

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