How Do I Copy Music From My PC Onto CD?


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If you have a recent version of the Windows operating system, burning music from your laptop or PC onto disk is very simple, and if you have Windows Vista or Windows 7 the system almost does all the work for you.

In Windows Vista and Windows 7 you can burn discs in one of several ways. Two of the ways you can use are the Live File System format or you can use Windows Media Player. To burn a disc using the Live System format simply insert a blank disc into the CD/DVD player on your PC or laptop and in the dialog box that will automatically appear click Burn Files to Data Disc. In the Burn a Disc dialog box that appears click Next. This may take a few minutes for the disc to be formatted and when it is done an empty disc folder will appear. Open the folder that contains the files you want to copy and drag them into the empty disc folder and you're done.

To copy audio files from your PC to a CD using Windows Media Player, open the application and click the Burn tab, and then click Audio CD. Insert a blank CD into your CD/DVD drive and if the Autoplay dialog box appears be sure to close it. Now find the items that you want to copy to the CD and create a burn list by dragging the items you want from the Details pane to the List pane. When you've selected all the songs you want click Start Burn.

These are only two ways that you can copy music from your PC or laptop to a CD, there are a few other options available, especially if you are using one of the latest versions of the Windows operating system that is designed to accomplish the task quickly and easily.
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You could do this by: If you already have songs at your computer, just insert a blank cd and a dialogue box appears, click burn cd. Then after you do that, go to the folder that you putted your songs, (music folder) then right click and you'll see drive:W I think then it will come out at a dialogue box and after you do it again and again, click burn a cd then if something appears again also click start to burn cd. Then after it's done get the cd and there, it's done!
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Use limewire the search for youre song click on it to download it then they will apear on itunes, copy them onto youre windows media player and insert the cd and press SYNC :D
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To copy any kind of music whether it is MP3 or Audio or WMA format, you need a CD writer or a DVD writer which can burn Audio CD's. You will also need CD burning software's like; Clone CD, Winon CD or Nero burning rom. You will also need a blank CD.

To copy music simply put the CD into the Writer, once that is done open the Write CD dialogue box from the software. When the dialogue box appears click on the "Add Contents' tab, after doing so simply drag and drop the songs that you want to copy in the write CD window. After selecting the necessary songs write the CD at your desired speed mostly done at 24 or 32 X speed. Once the CD is written you it will automatically be ejected by the writer.
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you can't copy Music files directly ..if you try you will get 1 KB files size ..that not proper files 

Use nero software

try this step by step

- start nero

-copy CD/DVD ( option copy CD/DVD to System )

-now burn it

you will get proper files .


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All you have to do is put a blank CD in and click burn if you have Windows Media Player and it'll download it onto tha disc.
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Burn it on to a blank cd
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I am wondering the same thing right now because we are having a talent show and you have to have your own cd for it

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