How Do I Transfer Songs From A Cd To My Phone(N70-1)?


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As you probably already know, there is no way to transfer songs from a CD directly to your phone. The first step for you to take is to insert your CD into your computer or laptop CD drive. Then you need to use a program such as Windows Media Player to rip the songs from the CD onto a computer. This doesn’t take long at all but make sure you store them in a labelled folder so that you know exactly where they are and you don’t have to spend ages searching for them later.

In order to transfer the songs onto your phone you need to make sure that the phone’s software is installed. When you bought your phone it probably came with a disk. The installation itself will not take more than a few minutes and you probably won’t even need to restart your computer.

Now just connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable (you may have to use a certain type depending on which phone you have) and then just transfer the songs across using the phone’s computer software. Easy!

If your phone has a memory card you can just insert this into your computer and copy the songs that you have ripped from the CD onto the memory card. Then just insert this back into your phone and you will be able to access and listen to them from there.

Sometimes, if both your phone and your laptop have Bluetooth you can transfer the songs to your phone via this connection. Your phone probably came with instructions on how to do this.
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First copy the songs from your cd to your computer then you must have proper software on your computer. Now you need only a USB cable to transfer the songs from the computer to your mobile phone.

You can also use memory card reader. Connect it with the computer and then transfer the files into it. Now put the memory card on the mobile phone. You will get the song files on your mobile phone.
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I did this but when on computer it said there on the memory card but when i put the memory card into my phone it said they werent
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Download disk 2 phone
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Search it on google,you should find sum answers there

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