How Do I Copy A Track From A CD To My Computer?


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To copy songs from a CD
Start the Player and connect to the Internet. Connecting to the Internet will display media information about the songs being ripped in the Media Library feature.
Insert an audio CD into the CD drive.
Click Copy from CD. All songs are selected to be copied if you have not previously copied them from the CD.
If there are any songs that you do not want to copy, clear the check box next to them.
Note To select or clear all the songs at once, use the check box at the top of the list.
Click Copy Music. The first time you click Copy Music, a message appears asking if you want to copy protect your music. Click one of the following options:
Add copy protection to your music
If you select this option, the songs that you copy to your computer cannot be played on any other computer. In some cases, this option also prevents your songs from being played on the same computer once it has been upgraded significantly (for example, by reformatting the hard disk or replacing multiple hardware components).
Do not add copy protection to your music (recommended)
If you select this option, the songs that you copy to your computer can be played on any computer, such as on your home computer and your work computer.
Read the copyright notice at the bottom of the Copy Options dialog box, select the check box to acknowledge that you have read it, and then click Next.
Click one of the following options:
Change my current format settings
If you select this option, you can select different file format and audio-quality-level settings before you copy songs to your computer.
Keep my current format settings
If you select this option, you can keep your current file format and audio-quality-level settings, and immediately start copying the songs you selected to your computer.
To change the file format or audio-quality-level settings later, on the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Copy Music tab.
After you select an option for your format settings, click Finish.
If you chose to change your current format settings, you will need to select an item from the Format list, adjust the audio quality using the slider, and then click OK to close the Options dialog box. For more information on any of these settings, click Help.
The Player will begin copying your songs, as shown in the following screen shot.
Once all your songs are copied to your computer, you can just go to Media Library to listen to your music, without having to insert and change CDs.
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If you have a pc, then you should have Windows Media Player on there. Insert you disc and I believe it is on the left sidebar you will see the options to copy. Depending on what version you have Media Player will automatically run and there will be options to copy files to your computer. If it copies files you do not want, simply right click on it and go to delete. Then you will have to save to device, select your MP3 player.

If you have a Mac, insert you disc. Itunes will automatically run the cd and ask you if you want to import. Say yes. Then once the files are downloaded, select your device and copy.
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Whatever your media player is, make sure it is set to rip your music at the highest quality setting, (With windows media player 11, click on the dropdown menu below the rip tab, select bitrate, and adjust as needed.) unless you plan to put them up on a website for download. Use the setting most practical then..but keep in mind that the higher the bitrate, the better the quality, the less loss in the recording.
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You could go on the menu on top and it says rip and you can go on there and click the ones you want and you have to put in who its by in order to find it of course but its really cool on mine I have a thousand of them and if you have Windows Media Center it will go straight on there too, it's under (on Windows Media Center) music hope this helps out!!!!
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If you want to copy any type of cd or dvd,first insert them in your cd rom and then open them or explore them in "My Computer" after they are detected.Then just select and copy all the contents on the cd to the desired place in your pc hard disk.
If you want to copy an audio CD to save on your computer then you should have real player it is a best and fastest ripper. you can click rip CD and cd copy to your computer.
Buy a copy of Nero or Roxio software and then they will copy the contents of one CD to another with just a few clicks of your mouse.
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Put cd inside disk drive, wait for it to load, if it doesn't have an autoplay, go to my computer, double click the cd, add everything to library..

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