Can You Tell Me The Effects Of Working Long Hours On Computer?


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The question of what are the effects of working long-hours on a computer is somewhat an unanswerable question because it can depend on a lot of different factors.  So to answer your question in a very general sense let's start with your eyes.  Any time that your eyes are focused on a fixed distance for a long period the muscles that cause your eyes to focus can begin to fatigue causing it to be more difficult to focus.  Different types of light can also effect how your eyes "feel" over time.  When working with a computer and taking for granted that you are using a flat screen monitor and not the old glass CRT monitors, it is best to be working in subdued light so that your eyes only have to deal with one light source of any intensity.    Sitting in a chair that isn't made to be sat in for hours at a time can lead to soreness of your butt, the back of your legs and your lower back.  You will want a chair that you can adjust the height, back, lumbar setting and armrests(if you have them).  Use good posture and it will help relieve some soreness in your back and neck.  Your monitor should be directly in front of you, not off to one side and the top of the monitor should be at eye level.  If it is too high or too low you will begin to experience soreness in your neck.    If you do all of that you may still have problems with parts of your body because some things like carpal tunnel syndrome (compression of the median nerve in your wrist) can be worsened by several non-work related factors. (i.e. Smoking, obesity, pregnancy, high blood pressure, hobbies).    Try to not sit a desk/computer for hours upon hours without taking breaks to at least stand up and move around for a few minutes each hour.
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There are numerous side-effects of working on the computer for long hours.

The first side-effect would be that it affects your eyes. It's very logical that when you keep your eyes fixed to the screen for so long, it affects your eyes. There is a reason why whenever we are sitting very near the television set, our parents tell us that we'll ruin our eyes. Same is the case with the computer. The rays coming out of the monitor aren't good for the eyes.

Other than the rays not being good for the eyes, the eyes begin to hurt if they are glued to the screen for long. You eyes need some rest too and when they have been in use for long, concentrating hard enough, they get tired and start hurting.

Then you can have a stiff back since sitting in an upright position for so long can give you backaches and pain all over your body. You butt might hurt because it has been in the same position for long and then your legs might hurt too.

You wrist begins to hurt after holding the mouse for so long. You strain you neck by not giving it any rest.
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Working long hours on a computer without any breaks can have a serious effect on your health. I personally work from home on my computer every single day and I have experienced a number of problems.

Firstly I suffer from a really bad back after staying on my computer for long lengths of time. I invested in a better chair but I still suffer from a bad back and neck quite frequently.

Also your eyes will suffer. It is essential to have regular breaks so that your eyes can have a rest from the computer screen, otherwise you could end up potentially having quite serious eye problems later on down the line.

Finally repetitive strain injury can also be a problem as you are using your fingers to type a lot and your wrist, or even your shoulder, could start to play up.

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