Can You Tell Me The Key Characteristics Of A Computer Family?


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1. Similar or Identical Instruction Set
In many cases, the exact same set of machine instructions is supported on all members of the family. Thus, a program that executes on one machine will also execute on any other. In some cases, the lower end of the family has an instruction set that is a subset of that of the top end of the family. This means that programs can move up but not down.
2. Similar or Identical Operating System
The same basic operating system is available for all family members. In some cases, additional features are added to the higher-end members.
3. Increasing Speed
The rate of instruction execution increases in going from lower to higher-end members.
4. Increasing Number of I/O Ports
In going from lower to higher family members.
5. Increasing Memory Size
In going from lower to higher family members.
6. Increasing Cost
In going from lower to higher family members
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1)identical instruction set.
2)identical operating system.
3)increasing number of I/O.
4)increase the size of memory.
5)increasing cost.
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