List The Side Effects Of The Computer To The Human Eyes And Body?


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The computer radiation brings injury: , 1, easy injure skin, to affect the cosmetology. The computer screen produces although the yield of radiation is very small, but after accumulating over a long period of time, still the injure skin, easy to have the face color spot, around the eye the flesh presents the relaxation, the wrinkles, the pouch and the dark pouches, the skin rough dry, turned yellow becomes dark, leaves the oil, the acne, the pore is thick, the eye did astringently, and aggravated unceasingly. The face skin withstands computer's radiation for a long time, in the corium layer collogen is destructed, the skin loses the elasticity, the accelerated aging, especially summer, office woman is facing the office biting cold air conditioning and computer's radiation, has one misfortune after another, the flesh is getting more and more frail. 2nd, causes the eye serious disease. Easy to cause cataract, glaucoma, to lose one's sight sickness. 3rd, can induce cancer and accelerate human body's cancer cell multiplication. Easy to cause illness and so on leukemia, breast cancer 4, possibly to create the unusual pregnancy production. The electromagnetic radiation is injures the modern man physiology function the principal factor; Is also the pregnant woman miscarries, sterile, pathological change's and so on monstrosity suggestion factors. 5th, affects person's cardiovascular system main performance for the palpitation, losing sleep, the partial feminine menstrual period disorder, the heart movement slow, the heart to wrestle the volume of blood not neat to reduce, Dou the heart rate, the white blood cell to reduce, the immunologic function drop and so on 6, electromagnetic pollutions possibly to cause the child intelligence to be incomplete. 7th, senile dementia sickness and encephaloma's initiation.

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