Does Computer Radiation Has Any Ill Effects?


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Computer radiation has not been proven, as yet, to have any ill effects. The reason for this is that there hasn't been sufficient enough time, since the invention of computers, to monitor any long term effects from monitors on our health.

You are not the only one worried about this problem. There are many out there who have been told, or made to believe, that computers produce radiation that is very harmful to us. Those who spread these baseless accusations are the companies that sell 'anti-radiation' monitor shields and glass, etc. Surprised? They just want to make a quick buck and this is how they do it, by making people paranoid about something that doesn't even exist. They create their own little product niche. Now that's convenient, isn't it?

Same goes for mobile phones being linked to neurological diseases. There is not sufficient evidence of that yet! It would take many more years to observe ill effects, if any, related to these electronics.

Therefore, you should stop worrying about any ill-effects from your computer use. Just remember to give your eyes a break regularly, maybe every hour or so. It helps if you look away from your computer to something that is about 30 to 40 feet away. That lets your eyes relax and the lens to focus on a far object and keep your eyesight balanced. Also, it is easier on the eyes to reduce the brightness of your monitor, if it is too high.
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Computers are a widespread characteristic of the workplace for the past decade or so. This surely is not sufficient time to decide whether any health risks are linked with the contact to the radiations emitted from computer screens. In contrast to this, we have learned about the bad effects of frequent computer use on our eyes, muscles, and bones.

Of course, we want to identify if being around computers 8 to 10 hours a day will endanger our future health -- will it root cancer somewhere down the road? No one can say with confidence if the radiation from computers could or could not damage our health. Many Research works have been arranged in this regard. However, much of such research works have failed to make ultimate results.

The American Physics Association issued a report in the past year to the effect that no decisive evidence exists to prop up the thought that the small levels of radiation emitted by computers causes a health risk. So, set back and get relaxed…do not worry about computer health hazards till the next research study comes.
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I would like to request Mr. Gravity to have some serious research first, before you are going to post any comment such as what you had submitted. This topic talks about life and the preservation of it. I hope you get what I want you to get.... Sliven here.!
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Computer radiation is very harmful to the skin and general health because when we sit directly in front of the computer screen for long periods, we absorb the radiation emitted. Addressing this issue is very important. Computer radiation results in a sick feeling and even burns your skin and since most employees within the computing industry are not aware of this, they continue to suffer with ill health.

A laptop or LCD does not exclude you from the negative affects of computer radiation because all computer monitors emit some level of radiation, some less than others. Laptops and LCD monitors may emit less radiation than the CRT monitors, but they emit enough radiation to affect health and appearance.

A healthy solution is the computer accessory called a radiation filter. This product is designed to eliminate up to 99% of the harmful radiation emitted. Radiation filters are available for all types and sizes of computer monitors.

It is also advisable to move the CPU (central processing unit) as far away from your body as possible. This will reduce the chances of the radiation to reach you and harm your body. The negative health effects of computer radiation are a part of extensive study today. There is much research being conducted on the health hazards, but the influence of the industry is so great that many simply avoid the subject.
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There are no known effects from radiation coming from a regular computer working normally on humans. Computers do give off EM and RF interference and gamma radiation (from CRT monitors), but thats about it.
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Yes the computer radiation has some ill effects on the health of users. And it can harm his eyes or even his mind it can also cause to some severe pain or even death in a case that computer is being used continuously.Basically there is not radiation in the whole computer itself. The radiation area is basically Monitor of the computer due to the electronic rays it produces.

So you can easily avoid it by taking some good steps. First of all, nowadays many computer filter screens are available to avoid the computer radiations. Moreover you should follow some rules of ergonomics and do some exercise if you're continuously using computer. I meant to say that if you're using computer for two hours then you can give some break to your eye sight by looking here and there after every 20 to 25 minutes. You can do it for 2 minutes. In this way, you will also keep giving comfort to your eyes and body. And now low radiations of Monitors are also available. And LCD Monitors are also available.

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