How Do I Transfer Pictures From A CD To My SD Memory Card For A Digital Picture Frame?


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Insert CD into your CD/DVD ROM. Copy pictures to a file of your computer. Remove CD, insert SD Memory Card, then go to your file with the pictures. You should then be able to send pictures to the SD Memory Card.
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Susan McNeil
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I don't have a memory card reader on my computer - I was trying to go through the camera - it's not working.
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I have the same problem in that my computer does not have a memory card reader. Was there any other way to do this?
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If you have a digital camera it should've came with a cord to plug into a usb port on your computer, and maybe a disk to install software to help you. If not your camera might have an expansion slot for an sd, micro sd memory card. If your computer has a slot for this also you can just take the card and insert it into your computer and put the picture onto it that way. I'm not sure but I think digital picture frames have sd, micro sd slots. Not sure if any of this helps. Good luck
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I have a memory card reader but when I put the card at this it's not work
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How do I take pictures from a file on my computer and put them onto a memory card using my digital camera because I do not have a memory card reader on my computer.  I want to do this for a digital photo frame

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