How To Transfer Pictures From Internal Memory To Memory Card On LG VU?


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I have the lg vu  cu920, unfortunately I have found if you want to do it on the phone you must do it one at a time.  There is the multi-select option in the picture gallery but you can only use it to delete several or all pictures at once.  It's quite annoying but you have to select each picture go in the options menu and then select what folder you would like to move it to.  You can use the usb cable and plug it into your computer and move them all at once from the card to your phone or vice-versa, which takes seconds, and the good thing is it come with the phone (at least with mine and my girlfriend's and my girlfriend's mom's - who bought the phone over a year after me and my girlfriend).  There is however one catch with using the usb cable.  Hopefully your phone does not have the problem which I've seen online and with my phone is quite common, where your phone every now and then does not recognize your memory card being in the phone.  Or it does but does not as soon as you connect it to your computer.

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