How Do I Get My Internal Memory Pictures To Computer?


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Connect the camera with the camera power ON with the wire that came with the camera to the computer. Install the CD-ROM that came with the camera and run that program on the computer. Once that program on the CD-ROM is installed you computer will recognize your camera and all your photos will come up on the screen. If you don't have the wire or the CD that came with the camera, go to the company's website that made your camera and search for your model on the site and download the software "drivers" that came on your installation CD. This will be the exact same program that came on your installation CD so it will be like your getting the CD again only in a downloaded form. Save the download to your desktop, close out of the website, click on the icon of the file you just downloaded and install the program, once it's installed run the program. Then your computer will recognize your camera as you did the same thing with the download file as you would of done with the installation CD. If you did not have the wire look for the kind you needed at their site and buy it either there or a universal one at a local shop, may be a USB camera cable or "Firewire".

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