How Do You Get Moving Pictures For Use On Websites?


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breock heale answered
Well no well scratch you get moving picture
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Shalin Choksi answered
  In order to upload moving images or any kind of images on a particular web site, first thing you need to do is enable the HTML settings on that particular web site or page. After you do that, you need to select all your images and then upload them all on

  The web site will then generate an HTML embedded code which you will have to paste it will creating the web site. After you have copied and pasted the images, you need to confirm it on the web page and see if it actually works.

  The images will be immediately posted and you will be able to see your pictures.
These kinds of images are very often seen on forum sites or on MySpace accounts. These images do take a lot of space so it is better you choose the files which are low on size.

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